3x3 stickers

3×3 Stickers of Rubix Cube

A full set of stickers to re-sticker your standard 3×3 cube. Perfectly colour matched to seamlessly merge with your puzzle. Also suitable to upgrade “stickerless” puzzles, or as a way to keep your personalised speedcube looking great for years to come. Also makes a great gift! These beautiful holographic stickers can be applied to many things, such as your pc or bag.


A rubix cube is a puzzle that requires precision when turning the pieces. It can be used to create a beautiful pattern of colors and shapes. Many people use the cube as a way to relieve stress. It also helps to improve concentration and focus.

Rubik invented the cube as a challenge for himself. He wanted to design a mechanism that would allow each piece to rotate independently of the others. He succeeded, and the cube became a hit around the world.

The cube has six centre pieces that are held in place by screws and a spring. The screw can be tightened or loosened to adjust the feel of the cube. Newer official cubes have rivets instead of screws.

Some cube enthusiasts use a notation system for marking a sequence of turns on the cube, called Singmaster notation. The letters T, B, L, R, and F stand for top, bottom, left, right, and front, while + and – indicate clockwise and anticlockwise turns respectively.


There are many different shapes that can be formed by the nine cube pieces. The most common are the standard 3×3 stickers and the 4x4x4. There are also a number of variants that have extra colours or additional layers, for example the 5x5x5. Newer official Rubik’s brand cubes have springs between the screw (fastener) and the centre piece, which enable the centres to rotate independently, which increases the amount of possible permutations by a factor of 6!

The fastest solve times on these larger cubes are achieved using a method called CFOP. This involves solving the cross first, then orienting and permuting the last layer. A popular alternative to this method is Wolstenholme notation, which makes it easier to memorize sequences of moves. This is used by novice cubers who wish to avoid memorizing the cryptic Singmaster notation. This is not recommended for competitive speedcubing.


Whether you want to change the look of your cube or just replace some worn out stickers, these are an affordable and easy way to upgrade. They are available for all cubes and can also be used on other objects such as laptops, notebooks, trapper-keepers, etc. These stickers are thick AF and super stickery!

The Rubik’s Cube is a classic colour-matching puzzle that is a great mental challenge at home or on the go. Its mystical legend states that when the colors match, a portal will open to a nether realm of myrth and merriment. With over 43 quintillion (that’s 43 with 18 zeros) moves, this is a challenging and rewarding puzzle that requires patience and practice.

A deluxe version of the Rubik’s Cube that features tough tiles for a faster, smoother and more durable cube. This model is a great choice for anyone looking to make mosaic cube art or just wants the best value for their money.


A wide variety of stickers are available for cubes and other twisty puzzles. These stickers can be applied with tweezers or other tools. It’s also possible to order custom stickers for different types of puzzles. If you want to boost your speedcube’s look, try adding a logo sticker. This is a quick way to customize your cube and make it look more personal.

Most speedcubers use a notation to denote sequences of moves on the cube, known as Singmaster notation. It names the faces of the cube and their relative positions, with + and – denoting clockwise and anticlockwise turns, and 2 for 180-degree moves.

A rubix cube is a 3D puzzle that can be solved by rotating its pieces into a correct configuration. It is often used in competitions, where the fastest time wins. The World Cube Association (WCA) requires a cube to have coloured stickers and coloured plastic pieces. Competitors with visual impairments may use textured puzzles but they must be coloured to aid in scrambling and judging.

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